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The Many Benefits of Using Air Curtains

Posted by Ann Marie Shaw on May 10, 2016 1:30:41 PM

Berner_Infographic_V7.gifAir curtains are a great way to seal off an entryway to separate two different environments. For example, you might want to keep hot air out and air conditioned air in. Or you might simply want to keep bugs and debris out of a work area. Air curtains, also known as air doors, create an air seal to prevent the environments from mixing. 

We represent Berner's quality air curtains and we can evaluate, size, and order the right curtain for your application. They've written an excellent article that goes into great detail about air curtains. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we encourage you to read up on their website: Air Curtains 101: How Berner Air Curtains Work. And as always, if you're interested in exploring the possibilities of using this equipment in your facility, contact us today!

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